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Any person, willing to have rights on any patent, has to register such patent under the Patent Design and Trademark Act.


Any body may have a right on any trademark of his trade or business under the act having it registered in the Department.

Copyright & Broadcasting

Copyright registration is not mandatory but recommended action in order to protect your Intellectual Property rights.


Any body may have a right on a design of any goods under the act, which is made or made to be caused by him, and has been registered in the Department.

IP Litigation

We represent clients before legal bodies like Supreme Court, High Courts, Department of Industries, Customs and other judicial and administrative bodies protecting their intellectual property rights


An efficient and effectively enforced intellectual property infrastructure is necessary to ensure the stimulation of investment in innovation and to avoid commercial-scale intellectual property rights (IPR) infringements that result in economic harm.

Anti-counterfeiting and anti-infringement actions

Anti-counterfeiting pertains to action against sale/use of fakes or unauthorized replicas of the real product.

Intellectual Property transactions

Intellectual property plays a critical role in business and in the corporate and transactional matters that are key to growth.


JANAK BHANDARI & ASSOCIATES is one of the most distinguished and recognized Intellectual Property Law Firm in Nepal Previously known as Global Trademark Protection Services (GTPS).We offer comprehensive legal services for filing, prosecution, enforcement and litigation of all aspects of Intellectual Property rights in Nepal.

Our Teams

We have dynamic team of Attorneys skilled and experienced in all fields of Intellectual Property Law. Our team has extensive experience in navigating the laws of Trademark, Patent, Copyright and Design in Nepal.